Judge grants exhumation of poisoned lottery winner

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A Cook County judge granted permission to exhume the body of a poisoned lottery winner Friday morning.

Judge Susan Coleman gave a quick OK to the request by the medical examiner’s office, saying no one had objected to exhuming Urooj Khan’s body at Rosehill Cemetery on Chicago’s North Side.

46-year-old Urooj Khan was buried in July at Rosehill Cemetery, just days after he turned in a winning lotto ticket.

That ticket was worth $425,000 in a lump sum payout.

Khan’s death was initially blamed on natural causes.

Authorities have since reclassified the case as a homicide after they received a tip from a relative that led to a further investigation.

That’s when they realized Khan died of cyanide poisoning.

A focus of the investigation is financial disputes among relatives and Khan’s final meal with his family at their home in Rogers Park.

The curry dinner was prepared by Khan’s wife, who served the meal to him, her father and Khan’s teenage daughter from a previous marriage.

Experts say a capsule full of cyanide can kill someone in under two hours.

The Cook County medical examiner would then perform an autopsy with a focus on organ tissue to see how the deadly cyanide entered his system.

Blood and fluid samples could also provide important evidence.

There was no autopsy back in July because Khan’s death was believed to be from natural causes.

Download the court order here: Kahn Order to Exhume