Chicago Police seize nearly 700 guns

Faced with more than 40 murders in January alone, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy discussed recent gun trends Monday, displaying some of the nearly 700 guns seized by police since the New Year.

700 Guns seized by Chicago PoliceThe superintendent displayed an intratec 9mm machine pistol, commonly known as a Tec-9, that was seized from a residential yard on South Throop. It had a modified magazine, allowing it to hold up to 50 bullets. It is the kind of weapon police say lawmakers need to be targeting with tougher laws,

To get military-style guns, and the gang members who use them, off the streets.Supt. Garry McCarthy

“..And it’s this small, superheated group of individuals– of gang members who find access to firearms, use them on each other, causing death and destruction.” McCarthy said, “And that’s what we have to affect– we have to have practical gun laws up front, we have to have the men and women here who are willing to go out and do the job, get those guns off the street. And once we get those guns off the street we need to make sure we get those criminals in jail; in some cases for their own safety.”

The superintendent says last month, his officers seized two and a half times the number of guns as their counterparts in New York– a city with about three times Chicago’s population. The main difference, he says, there are tougher gun laws in New York.



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