Fire-breathing actor injured during Lyric Opera dress rehearsal

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ACT lyric07.JPG 24-year-old performer was burned on-stage Monday during a Lyric Opera House dress rehearsal.

It happened in front of a thousand people, including a Chicago tribune photographer. The stage was packed at the time with other young performers, including Sherry Ochoa’s daughter.

“I was really excited, then all of a sudden…” Sherry said “flames!”

“Yeah– that happens. And they were on the stage and somebody was stomping them out.”

pod4lyricThe Lyric Opera Director of Facilities, Rich Regan said “The actor moved off to stage left, there are fire guards on stage that took control of the situation, emergency personnel were called and the fire curtain was brought in.”

Video from the web of what the stunt is supposed to look shows an actor breathing fire and stilt-walking simultaneously. It is a bit elaborate.

The misstep happened five hours into a five and an half-hour opera, a full dress rehearsal of the Wagner comedy Die Meistersinger.

Some audience members emerging from the opera house still a bit shaken.  Audience member Angela Allyn said she just hopes the performer is OK.