Potential school closings has parents, students concerned

With news of 129 CPS schools potentially on the chopping block, parents and students are growing concerned.

Jessica Arreguin and ┬áher three brothers currently attend Stewart Elementary in Uptown. She’s worried about what her teachers have been telling her at school.

Right now it only takes Jessica a few minutes to walk to school but that could change if CPS decides to close it.

The 3rd grader says she’s most concerned about being separated from her friends.

Stability is also a concern for  Tabitha Trott, whose daughter attends Stockton Elementary, another school at risk of being shut down.

Although CPS cites underutilization as a reason for closing or consolidating a school, Trott says small schools are a good thing and means her daughter gets more one on one time with her teachers.

In fact, some parents are concerned the closure of one school may mean overcrowding at another.

Click here for a list of the 129 Chicago Public Schools under


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