Drew Peterson defense turns on Brodsky at retrial hearing

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Day one of the Drew Peterson retrial hearing looked more like the trial of Joel Brodsky.

Peterson’s new defense is trying to get him a new trial after he was convicted last year of murdering his ex-wife Kathleen Savio.

The defense is arguing that Brodsky’s bad performance and lack of ethics cost Peterson his freedom.

They called Brodsky as a witness Tuesday, but he took the stand reluctantly.

Brodsky was expected to be asked why he had Peterson’s divorce attorney testify at his trial, but that issue never came up.

Instead he was asked about the fees he charged media outlets for coverage.

Brodsky said ABC paid $10,000 in licensing fees for photos and video, a publisher paid $5,900 for a book deal, and a TV-studio paid $15,000 for a movie.

The defense then argued that Brodsky operated under a conflict of interest because he hired a publicity agent.

“This is their post-trial motion,” Brodsky asked outside the Will County Courthouse.  “This is Drew’s last chance before going to prison for probably the rest of his life?  It’s not very impressive.”

On Wednesday, a retired Cook County judge is expected to testify that calling Peterson’s divorce attorney as a witness was the worst thing Brodsky did during the trial.

Harry Smith testified that Stacy Peterson told him that Drew Peterson was responsible for Savio’s death.

State’s Attorney James Glasgow called the testimony, “A gift from God.”

Several jurors also credited it for clinching the murder conviction.

Peterson now faces up to 60 years in prison.

His sentencing hearing could begin immediately, if he’s denied a new trial.