Peterson retrial hearing live blog: Drew expected to speak

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A retired Cook County judge has taken the stand to discuss the conduct of Joel Brodsky during the Drew Peterson trial.

Daniel Locallo, who has experience in legal malpractice, told the court that the public relations agreement Brodsky signed into with a public relations agency was a conflict of interest. “It’s a complete violation,”  said Locallo, “ The conflict is who does Mr. Brodsky owe his loyalty too?  His pocket book or Mr. Peterson.”

Defense attorney Steve Greenberg then turned his attention to the testimony of Savio’s divorce attorney – asking Locallo, “Do you have an opinion as to whether calling Mr. Harry Smith was a reasonable trial strategy?”

“Yes, it was not a reasonable trial strategy,” Locallo said, “By calling Mr. Smith he allowed the jury to hear that someone was there as to how Savio was killed by Peterson.”

Drew Peterson is expected to talk sometime this afternoon during the sentencing hearing.