Cardinal, black pastors denounce same-sex marriage

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Chicago’s Francis Cardinal George joined a number of African-American pastors Friday to voice their opposition to legalizing same-sex marriage in Illinois.

The cardinal said legally changing the biblical meaning of marriage will not serve the common good of people, and will lose the sense of family that is the basis of who we are as a society.

“Not every love, not every friendship is marital. So you have to ask, as I think my brother pastors have asked, ‘What is the nature of marriage?’ And that goes back to a sexual expression that’s based upon the complementarity of men and women, and is the way in which the future of the human race is assured. And anything outside of that is morally wrong,” George said.

The cardinal and the group of pastors said they had to speak out because staying silent, they said, would make them appear as if they were condoning the legalization of same-sex marriage.