‘It Can Wait’ campaign urges teens to not text & drive

You don’t have to look far to see teens texting on the move.

According to a new study by AT&T, 43-percent of teenager’s text and drive.

The company is trying to bring home the dangers with the “It Can Wait” campaign.

Merry Dye lost her 18-year-old daughter Mariah West to texting and driving. She’s now a driving instructor and a spokesperson for the, “It Can Wait” campaign.

Her story is also part of a new documentary called, “The Last Text”

On May 21st 2009, Mariah was driving on a highway in Arkansas.

The teen was on her way to a friend’s baseball game, when she got lost and texted her friend for help.

Mariah was badly injured and died a week later; Merry blames driving and texting.

Mariah’s story and others about texting and driving are reaching teens.

For more information, go to: www.att.com


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