News anchor quits on air over Russia reporting


An American TV news anchor on the network Russia Today resigned on the air to protest Russia’s military moves in Ukraine and the network’s coverage of the crisis in Crimea.

anchorquitsonairLiz Wahl ended her broadcast Wednesday with this announcement:

“RT is not about the truth. It’s about promoting a Putinist agenda; and I can tell you firsthand, it’s also about bashing America… I am proud to be an American… I could no longer work here and go on television and tell the American people that this is what’s happening and how to pose as news.”

The network dismissed Liz Wahl’s resignation as a publicity stunt.

Two days earlier, fellow anchor Abby Martin criticized Russia’s actions in Crimea.

The network says it will send her there to cover the story personally, and learn more about the realities on the ground.


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