1 year later: Incredible rescue of boy who was buried under sand

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He’s a shy second-grader with a story that will blow your mind.

Saturday marks one year to the day when fun in the sun almost turned into tragedy for Nathan Woessner, now 7.

Nathan and his dad were climbing the Indiana Dunes’ Mount Baldy when Nathan suddenly became buried under mounds and mounds of sand.

“I was thinking of him having trouble breathing and suffering, and I couldn’t get to him,” Nathan’s mother Faith Woessner said.

Nathan fell into a hole that swallowed him.

“Initially everybody starts digging with hands, and then shovels, and then the machinery shows up,” Nathan’s father Greg Woessner said.

Three and a half hours later, Michigan City, Indiana, emergency crews reached Nathan.

“He had no pulse and he was not breathing when they pulled him out,” Faith said. “They did external compressions and that’s when he gasped.”

He spent two weeks in the hospital, and today, the shy student doesn’t remember much about that day.

As for Mount Baldy, it’s still closed to the public, and park officials still can’t explain what caused part of this dune to collapse.

The Woessners say looking back at this scene a year later with Nathan by their side is nothing short of a miracle.

“There really is no other way to look at it but at the greatness of the outcome,” Greg said. “You treat it more like a celebration.”

Since that day, three other holes were discovered on that dune.

Next month, a team of scientists will try yet again to get to the bottom of the phenomenon at Mount Baldy. The park ranger calls this the “biggest mystery ever to hit the Indiana Dunes.”

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