HAWL IN: Dwyane Wade’s Chicago homecoming is……….?

CHICAGO - There was no  elaborately written announcement released at the right moment in the late morning or early afternoon.

Celebrations didn't take place at sports bars nor the prospect of future NBA championships discussed. There were no runs to stores or online to pick up gear for the star player returning to his roots.

This wasn't LeBron James' triumphant return that was pre-meditated and planned a year ago in Cleveland. It wasn't anticipated for a number of weeks or months by Cavaliers fans.

Its much more complicated for James' teammate with the Heat, who helped him to a pair of championships on South Beach. News of Dwyane Wade's homecoming surfaced because, of all things, a little airline trouble.

Seven hours later, Wojnarowski confirmed the news that the 34-year old Chicago native, who grew up in Robbins and was a star at Richards High School in Oak Lawn, would play in Chicago for the first time in his decorated career.

Celebration, right? It's not that easy. That's because the emotions are hopelessly mixed for fans of a team that has sent mixed messages to their base of supporters in a wild two weeks of transactions that have shaped the look of the team.

Is Wade's homecoming baffling? Yes.

In his news conferences after the trade of Derrick Rose and the introduction of first round pick Denzel Valentine, Bulls general manager Gar Forman discussed the new younger, athletic direction of the franchise. So in response the Bulls get a 34-year old shooting guard to go with a 30-year-old point guard in Rajon Rondo, who agreed to a two-year deal on July 3.

Plus Wade, like the recently traded Rose, also has a history of knee ailments. Why would Wade want to be part of a potential rebuild or "retool" in Chicago as he enters the twilight of his career?

"I have never forgotten where I came from and I am thankful to have an opportunity to play for the team that first fueled my love of the game," said Wade in a letter to the Associated Press on Wednesday. "Many of my family members still live in Chicago and I am excited to return home to a city very close to my heart."

Is Wade's homecoming frustrating? Probably for many.

Again, the Bulls go from one-injury prone player (Rose) to another and he's seven years older. It's another sign by the team that a full rebuild, which some believe is necessary after the Rose title window closed, is not on the horizon.

For die-hard fans, it feels like a lie. If the Bulls were to get Wade it was back in 2010 when they were in on the sweepstakes for the guard. Then Wade was a year removed from a scoring championship and could have teamed up with Rose to start a new Bulls dynasty.

He opted to go to Miami with James and Chris Bosh and a dynasty was created with the Heat. That appeared to close the window for Wade in the Windy City until Wednesday.

Is Wade's homecoming encouraging? Maybe.

If you are not a fan of a full-scale rebuild, than this is one way to prevent that for a little while. While he's getting ready to turn 35 this coming January, Wade comes off a relatively injury-free season in which he played 74 games. That's the most since 2011 and he averaged 19 points a game while pumping that total up to 21.4 during the Heat's two rounds in the playoffs.

Team him up with Rondo (league-leading 11.4 assists in 2015-2016) and Jimmy Butler (career-high 20.9 points per game), and the Bulls have a trio of players who have proven themselves to be amoung the best in the league.

Is Wade's homecoming something to be celebrated? Sure

There is a very good chance that Wade will someday be in the Basketball Hall of Fame. It's rare that a player of that caliber comes to the Bulls in free agency let alone someone who hails from Chicago.

Wade's homecoming may seem overdue to people who wished he would have fallen to the Bulls with the seventh pick in the 2003 NBA Draft (Miami selected him at No. 5) or signed back in 2010. While it might not be his prime the guard still has a chance to have a few quality years in his hometown to round out his NBA career.

His jerseys will sell and a buzz will be in the United Center as he puts on a different white and red uniform for the first time this November. It's not LeBron level, but it will give some intrigue to what appeared to be a boring year of Bulls basketball ahead.

So what is Wade's homecoming going to be? There are a lot of options as explained above.

About the only thing I know is it's going to be interesting.

Can he stay healthy and maintain his scoring touch? Will he embrace Hoiberg, Rondo, Bulter along the way? Is Wade's signing a move that might attract an even bigger star one year from now and potentially make the Bulls an immediate championship contender?

Hey, at least this homecoming got your attention? In a weird time for the franchise, sometimes that's good enough a reason to pay attention.