Demonstrators take to Chicago streets again to protest police shootings

CHICAGO – There is another rally and march in Chicago today against police shootings. Familiar faces from Black Lives Matter once again are taking their message to the streets.

The group says nationwide too many blacks are being shot by the police. It is a mostly peaceful scene today, but some demonstrators did clash with police as the group left Daley Plaza and headed for the Taste of Chicago’s entrance on Michigan Avenue.

The organizers of today’s demonstration say they did not want to disrupt the Taste, like yesterday, but some in crowd had other ideas.

There is worry that Black Lives Matter’s appeal to a broader audience might be in trouble. Some people say the movement incited that gunman in Dallas who opened fire on police, killing five officers.

But the folks who are part of the Chicago effort that we talked to say they’re going to keep at it -- even if it’s now harder to the get their message out.

It is mostly calm at the moment. Last night, things got out of hand. Police made 19 arrests.