Gas station clerk fatally shot after shift in Chicago’s Park Manor neighborhood

CHICAGO -- A gas station clerk was shot and killed in Chicago's Park Manor neighborhood.

The shooting happened around 12:40 a.m. Thursday at a Citgo gas station at Marquette and State.

The victim has been identified by family and friends as 45-year-old Marwan Mahmoud Sadeq, a father of four and an immigrant from Yemen.

Sadeq was in an argument with another man in a parking area next to the gas station when shots were fired.

He was shot multiple times, including a gun shot to the head.

No arrests have been made.

The incident was said to be captured on numerous surveillance cameras that are now part of the investigation.

Sadeq lived in Oak Lawn with his wife and four children. He was done with his shift at midnight, but for some reason stayed later than usual.