Storms leave homeowners in north suburbs frustrated, picking up pieces

WINNETKA, Ill. -- Last night’s strong storms left many in the Chicago area without power, and with a whole lot of cleaning up to do.

Some of the hardest hit areas were in the suburbs just north of Chicago.

There are more storms in the forecast tonight – and that is unwelcome news here, where the parks look like ponds. And for homeowners, frustration is rising as the floodwaters are receding.

The summer storm clouds rolled into the area last night – lashing the North Shore with intense bouts of rain.

The dark clouds lit up the weather radar and shut down the Edens Expressway, where some drivers were stranded.

The frightening night gave way to a frustrating morning. Homeowners in neighborhoods along the North Shore were pumping water out of their basements.

In Winnetka, many residents say the same issues have been occurring for years when there are heavy rains– and so far the village has not come up with a permanent solution.

So tonight, with more rain in the forecast, homeowners are bracing for another frustrating day.