Woman seriously injured by bizarre lightning strike in Bolingbrook

BOLINGBROOK -- Berwyn teacher Jennifer Contreras was hit by a lightning strike that neighbors say came while it wasn't really raining.

The 42-year-old woman was walking to her parents’ house near Janes Avenue and Homestead Drive in Bolingbrook at the time. People who live nearby say it wasn’t raining, but they heard thunder and saw lightning strikes.

Two good Samaritans saw Contreras fall and ran to her aid.

“I ran over and I was like oh my god. I knew exactly what happened already. There’s no doubt. I knew how close it was,” Jim White said.

Joe Ings performed CPR on Contreras as a 911 operator walked him through the process.

“I basically flipped her over and started CPR on her, tried to keep her awake,” Ings said.

She was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, and is now in stable condition.

Contreras’ sister met with both men hours after the incident.

“I’m very, very thankful that they were there to help,” Christina Bruno said.