CPS officials threaten cuts as parents brace for possible teacher strikes

CHICAGO –CPS officials warn there will be no concessions and more cuts as the district continues to clash with teachers over its budget and recent layoffs, while parents hope the two can reach a compromise in time for the new school year.

Students and teachers at a back-to-school kickoff celebration at Amundsen High School expressed concerns that teachers would go on strike.

"It's really sad -- something has to be done," CPS parent Bridget Harris said.

Last week the district announced more than 500 teachers were laid off, many due to enrollment changes. And while unveiling the budget proposal this week, CPS Chief Forrest Claypool warned more classroom cuts would if teachers refused to contribute more towards their pensions. The Chicago Teachers Union rejected that proposal earlier this year and raised the possibility of another teachers’ strike if a contract deal isn't reached.

None of this sits well with parents.

“I just hope that they'll work things out because the teachers don't want to be away from the students,” said Stacie Beach, the assistant principal at Amundsen and also a CPS parent.