Groups may boycott weekend’s Bud Billiken Parade over new rules

CHICAGO -- It's created an uproar just days before the 87th annual Bud Billiken Parade.

It started as a dispute between parade organizers and Chicago's legendary South Shore Drill Team.

The parade is under new leadership this year and organizers are trying to reduce the size and duration of the annual back to school celebration.

Up to 300 groups have participated in the parade in recent years, but decided to reduce the number to 175 this year.

They say many people have complained that the event was too long.

The South Shore Drill Team announced it would not participate because the new rules limit groups to just 100 people.

With more than double that number in last year's parade, drill team organizers opted to stay away rather than telling some members they could not participate.

During a news conference today parade organizers said all groups were informed of the new rules months ago.

Other groups are now talking about joining the boycott of Saturday's parade.