Protester from Chicago attempts to rush stage at Clinton rally

There's been a lot happening on the presidential campaign trail this week.

Just as Hillary Clinton was hitting her stride on the stump her Secret Service detail jumped into action. 26-year-old protester Kelsey Atkinson from Chicago tried to rush the stage at Clinton's rally Wednesday in Iowa, and police quickly dragged her out of the arena.



Atkinson is being held on a disorderly conduct charge and is being evaluated at a hospital.

Meanwhile in New York, a man armed with suction cups and ropes tried to scale 58-stories of Trump Tower for a meeting with the Republican nominee.

The man posted a YouTube video prior to his climb:

New York Police removed a window and finally grabbed him and pulled him inside.  He's being evaluated at a New York hospital.

Donald Trump himself was busy on the campaign trail defending his 2nd amendment comment from a few days ago, once again saying it was not a call to arms for his supporters just the power they hold at the ballot box.  He also dove into foreign policy

The Clinton campaign was busy Wednesday trying to clean up a mess of their own. More emails released shows employees at the Clinton Foundation lobbied the former secretary’s office for favors.

The Clinton campaign says the emails are irrelevant and don't involve Clinton. Still it's been an issue she has struggled to explain on the campaign trail.