After rain delay, Chicago Air and Water Show takes off

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CHICAGO -- Before the planes even lifted off, it was all eyes on the skies: the morning’s stormy weather delayed the show by about an hour today, but after that people flocked to the lakefront to see the show.

Once the rain relented,the skies really opened for the 58th annual Chicago Air and Water Show, which every year attracts thousands to North Avenue Beach for the sights and sounds.

Because of the uncertain weather conditions early on, former Chicago Bears star Charles Tillman’s much-anticipated jump with the Golden Knights was delayed until Sunday, as the seasoned vets were the only ones to jump today.

Rain or shine, the show is one of the great traditions of summer in Chicago. The Air and Water Show runs for one more day. Tomorrow the show is scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.