Inmates assault prison workers at Pontiac Correctional Center

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Prison cell bars

PONTIAC, Ill. — An Illinois prison spokeswoman says an assault on six workers by five inmates at the maximum-security Pontiac Correctional Center appears to have resulted from a failure to follow workplace safety procedures.
Illinois Department of Corrections spokeswoman Nicole Wilson said Monday that the agency’s investigation of the incident will include looking into why procedures weren’t followed and how future incidents can be prevented.

In a statement, Wilson said:

Officer safety is our first priority. This was a terrible and dangerous incident and we want to thank those DOC employees that quickly responded and brought the situation under control.   IDOC will forward the case to the Livingston County State’s Attorney for prosecution once our investigation is complete.

While DOC’s investigation is ongoing, the events that led to this incident do not appear to be the result of a lack of policy or a breakdown in existing policies but rather a failure to follow workplace safety procedures already in place.  DOC‘s investigation will include why procedures weren’t followed and how future incidents can be prevented.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees said Monday that four correctional officers and two lieutenants at Pontiac Correctional Center were treated for abrasions, contusions and possible concussions suffered in the incident Sunday. They have all been released from the hospital.