90-year-old, partially blind woman beaten and robbed, police seek suspects

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GARY, Ind. -- Police in Gary, Indiana are looking for the man who beat and robbed a 90-year-old partially blind woman.

As 90-year-old Beatrice Patterson was sitting inside her house in the 700 block of Hovey.

Neighbors says a man ran inside the home, pulled Patterson out on her front lawn, beat her and robbed her.

“I hope they catch him,” Patterson said.  “If it wasn’t for the Lord and my neighbors I'd a been dead.”

Petterson  couldn’t see what happened to her, but she could hear it.

“I heard the door slam,” she said.  “My head hit the floor.  I hit the floor twice.”

Nearby neighbors heard the commotion and ran outside.  The suspect fled.

Police described the suspect as a black man in his early 20s, about 6 feet tall.

Patterson says he couldn’t have gotten away with much because she didn’t have much.