Treasures unearthed during Field Museum’s ID Day

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CHICAGO -- Saturday was Identification Day at the Field Museum.

Hundreds of people brought in their specimens and some treasures were found.

Like Gary Garn.  Curiosity drove Gary to travel all the way from his home in northern Michigan to Chicago.

“I thought it was snakes head that had been petrified,” he said.

Turns out he had a piece of coral that’s over 300 million years old.

For Marie Moran ID Day meant solving a 20 year old family mystery.

“They told me it’s definitely cultural,” she said of her item.  “It might be specs from the making of the tools.  I’m very excited.”


ID Day is also a good time for the Field Museum’s scientists.

“It’s kind of fun for us too,” said Paul Mayer.  “People come in and bring stuff we can look at it, identify it and you never know, we mind find something interesting.”

And for the young people this event attracts, it’s a chance to capture their imagination.

Next month the Field Museum opens its exhibition on tattoos, not only talking about the history of tattoos but also featuring the work of modern day tattoo artists.

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