Emanuel to unveil anti-violence vision, including more police and social programs

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CHICAGO -- Mayor Emanuel is promising to reveal a "comprehensive vision to reduce and prevent crime" Thursday night at Malcolm X College. The speech was scheduled for earlier this week, but Emanuel pushed it back, he said, to make sure he gets things right.

Chicago is facing alarming crime statistics: more than 3,000 shootings and 500 killings so far this year.  Key among Emanuel's strategies for turning this trend around are mentoring, after school activities, and job creation programs aimed at helping young people and communities in need.

Another major part of that is hiring nearly 1,000 more police officers, detectives, and supervisors over the next two years. Hiring will begin in January. That is a change of course for the mayor, who says he will not raise taxes to pay for this change. In the past CPD relied heavily on overtime and the focus was on deployment strategies using the officers they already had.

In addition to getting more officers on the streets, the City needs to identify ways to mend the relationship between police and the communities they serve. CPD remains the target of a Federal Department of Justice probe as fatal police shootings continue to dominate national headlines.

WGN-TV will carry the Mayor's speech live at 6 pm. You can also stream it live at wgntv.com.