Navy vet, father of 2 killed at U. S. Steel’s Gary Works

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GARY, Ind. — A 30-year-old steelworker was killed in Gary, Ind., Friday night.

It happened at U. S. Steel’s Gary Works in the slab storage yard.

The worker was identified as Jonathan Arizzola of Valaparaiso. He was a Navy veteran and married father of two, the Times of Northwest Indiana reports.

The cause and manner of his death are under investigation.

The company issued the following statement:

“On the evening of Friday, September 30, there was an incident at U. S. Steel’s Gary Works hot strip mill that resulted in a fatality. An investigation is underway, and we will work closely with the United Steelworkers and relevant government agencies throughout the process. No further details regarding the incident are available at this time. Our deepest sympathies are with the employee’s family.”

Protests in recent weeks have accused U.S. Steel of making the mill less safe by laying off and demoting maintenance workers.

A post on the United Steelworkers Local 1014  Facebook page says, in part: “Moving people all around a mill like chess pieces only promises to result in something tragic. Shutting down training when you need it the most is just bad business when you consider that we are ‘the company’s most important asset.’ Working with bare bones crews ain’t cutting it. Bad news is not an if, but a WHEN. As terrible as it sounds haven’t we been saying that something was coming??”