Pilsen church tagged with racist graffiti

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CHICAGO – Early Sunday morning, someone sprayed a swastika with the message “burn and kill” on the front door of Lincoln United Methodist Church.

Surveillance cameras captured the scene – the sixth time in as many months that someone has sprayed hateful messages on the side of the church. Church officials say the community identified the individual caught on tape, and now they’re working with police to question him.

Congregants say they’re being targeted because the congregation is mostly Mexican American and Mexican immigrants.

“The door of the church has been painted, not once, but six times with hateful messages always with swastika but the messages get deeper, more disturbing and more threatening,” said Pastor Emma Lozano.

Lozano said the graffiti included hateful messages, including: "Kill. Rape Mexico. Time to kill. KKK. White Power. Real Power. Trump rules."

“But the most disturbing was the one we received Sunday morning which was ‘burn and kill,’” Lozano said.

The church is taking precautions but is continuing its worship service. Anyone with information is asked to call Lincoln United Methodist Church.