Cubs fan refuses to shave half of his head until World Series win

Don Miller is a man of many faces -- husband, father, grandfather, a talented artist, an athlete -- and his devotion to the Cubs is written all over his face.

The 74-year-old from the northwestern suburbs is not shaving one side of his head until the team wins the World Series.

He said a Bic razor ad featuring a man with half of his face shaved gave him the idea. He says he thought to himself: "I know the Cubs are going to win the World Series this year, I think I won’t shave one side of my head until the Cubs win the World Series...oh that sounds like a good idea."

Don does everything in his life big. He was 10 years old the first time he stepped into The Friendly Confines -- and he snuck in. He and his kids have been collecting Cubs gear regularly over the years, and in the sweltering summer of 1998, he even built a 14-foot tall Harry Caray float for the Palatine Fourth of July Parade, which he later brought down to Wrigley for a little fun outside the ballpark.

"All these years I’ve waited for the Cubs to do something and they’ve finally done it," Don said.

And he is sticking to his goal -- no razor or scissors will even come close to his left side until the Cubbies finally grab the title that has eluded them for more than a century.

"I really hope they make it this year...for a couple reasons," Don said laughing.