Surveillance video captures thief stealing package from Lansing home

LANSING, Ill. -- If you are waiting for holiday packages to arrive at your home, don't let them sit on your front doorstep for too long. Thieves are ready to pounce.

Tina Stiles, who's a WGN employee, was a victim.

Her home security camera captured someone stealing a package.

She says she received an email that a shipment was delivered by UPS, but when she arrived home, the package was gone. The shipment contained a sweater and two pairs of slippers worth about $70.

Surveillance video recorded someone pulling into her driveway, snatching the package, then taking off.

A police report was filed, and officers are now trying to find the person responsible.

In Chicago's Dunning and Portage Park, it’s believed a “serial package thief” has also hit several homes.