Construction projects bring changes to CTA and roads starting this weekend

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There are some big construction projects to watch out for on the roads this weekend.

A big closure starts tomorrow in Forest Park. Roosevelt will be down to one lane each direction through the fall for resurfacing work.

An update downtown, the Chicago Department of Transportation just announced that Wabash is back open to traffic between Washington and Madison, it's been closed since March of 2015 for construction of the new Washington/Wabash CTA station. The station was expected to open at the end of 2016 but got delayed because of some unanticipated utility structures underground and vaulted sidewalks that needed repairs. Now the new station is scheduled to open this summer.

Finally, a setback for Red Liners on the South Side, starting Monday there will be off peak direction reroutes. That means in the morning, every other south bound train will be re-routed from Roosevelt to Ashland and in the evening rush hour, every other north bound train will start from 63/Ashland.

This is all for the construction of the new CTA Red Line station at 95th street, which is scheduled to be done in 2018.