CPD launches new platform to make crime reporting easier

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CHICAGO -- The Chicago Police Department is launching a new website and and technology services bureau to help fight crime.

The website, CPDTip.com, will allow anyone to submit tips anonymously on a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

It's designed to be more user-friendly than TXT2TIP. For now, TXT2TIP will also remain active.

Police hope the new website leads to more interaction from the community because it offers an opportunity to remain anonymous and does not require a phone number to text from.

Police say those who submit tips choose whether they want to remain anonymous, they can also choose to send in photos or videos.

The site was designed by Motorola.

Data will be stored on Motorola servers not department servers.

Contact information is only sent to police if tipsters choose to send that information.

Tips will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


"The success will be gauged by outcomes, said  Jonathan Lewin, CPD Chief of Bureau of Technical Services. "How many crimes does it help us solve, how many crimes potentially might it help us prevent. If we can get tips to capture a wanted person, for example, that might be a gun offender. That's a great proactive way to try to solve future crimes, too."