Matt Peck looks ahead to the Bulls’ offseason on Sports Feed

CHICAGO - A week removed from the Bulls' end-of-season news conference, fans are still a bit confused.

What is the Bulls direction? Is Jimmy Butler getting traded? What about Dwyane or Rajon?

Most of those questions remain a complete mystery as the team heads to the offseason after a mediocre year. Enthusiasm isn't exactly high for a team that got into the playoffs on a tie-breaker then dropped four-straight games in an opening round defeat.

Matt Peck, the Bulls' writer for Sports Mockery and host of "The 312" Podcast, came on Sports Feed on Tuesday to discuss what the Bulls might do not only in free agency but also in the upcoming draft.

To watch Matt's segments with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman, click on the video above or below.