Mother shot by paintball gun while waiting for Red Line

A mother endured a frightening experience when she was shot in the face with a paintball gun while waiting for a train Thursday night.

Malika Abdujnaed and her 8-year-old son were waiting at the CTA Red Line at the 79th and Dan Ryan station.  They were on the platform when Malika suddenly felt a stinging pain on the right side of her jaw.

She thought she'd been hit by a bullet.

“I was holding my face,” she said. “I thought it was blood. I could feel it running down my arm.  My son is screaming! I pushed him away from me. I thought it was a gun.”

When she pulled her hand away, she saw yellow paint.

Someone had shot her with a paintball gun.

“I don't know if it came from a car or there's a gas station a cross the street it's the expressway,” she said. “It was scary.”

CTA officials and Chicago police searched the area, but didn't find anyone.

Malika filed a police report.

“It was the Red Line last night but it could be the Blue Line or any line. I won't be able to sleep without letting other people know to be careful.”