Flights resume to Houston

CHICAGO - Flights are returning to Houston after Harvey shut down flights into the area for several days.

The shutdown in Houston forced many passengers to spend time in Chicago unexpectedly.

Lee Ivey was among them.  He lives in Houston and was able to return home today.  He said his home is okay but he expects that many of the roads needed to get around will still be flooded.

Houston resident John Ryan is on his way to a wedding in Boston of one of his friends.  He said he called his friend before he left and didn't think he'd be able to make it.

"I already told him I wasn't going.  I'm very lucky.  I couldn't believe it," Ryan said.

The ripple effect from the shutdown that began Friday has led to cancellations of more than 7,000 flights across the United States.  It will take several days for flight schedules to return to normal.