Visitors return home after long Thanksgiving break

CHICAGO – Many people are back to work on Monday after a long Thanksgiving weekend.

For many travelers on Sunday the hard part wasn’t the security lines, it wasn’t even the crowds. The hardest part for them was saying goodbye to the friends and family they came to visit.

Joseph Sanzo said goodbye to his daughter who was visiting for the holiday.

“As the kids get older it’s few and far between the times that we get to spend with each other so it’s melancholy,” he said.
Max McGowen came from college to visit his family.
“It’s like emotional. I’m going to miss them for a while. I might not see them for a little bit,” he said.

However, travel this Thanksgiving holiday weekend wasn’t terribly hard at O’Hare--logistically speaking.

Calm weather throughout much of the country meant very few flights delays and cancellations.

About 28 million people were expected to hop on a plane at some point this past week.
At the nation`s third busiest airport there was a lot to be grateful for in the air and on the ground.]

Weather out in California was causing some flights to be delayed to San Francisco.

TSA said O’Hare is generally busiest between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.