Your Money Matters: 6 things college grads can do to land their 1st job

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Tom Gimbel

Tips for Graduates:

Don’t aim for unrealistic pay. Find a growing company with a great company culture and get your foot in the door with ANY position, work your way up.

Clean up the resume. Don’t include objective statements, watch your grammar/style, use proper verb tenses, etc.

It is important to follow up after interviews. Send an e-mail right after the interview, thanking each person you met with for taking the time to meet. Be sure to personalize each note. If they say they will be in touch and a couple weeks have gone by, it’s okay to send another follow up email to get an update on the status of the search.

Consider taking a job in a field/industry you didn’t study in.

Work backwards. Find five companies in an industry and reach out to current/past employees via LinkedIn (or other social media) to find out what it takes to land an interview and the job

Take a temporary-to-permanent opportunity. For some reason there’s a negative stigma associated. Here’s how temporary work is beneficial:

Test Drive: Temporary-to-permanent employment allows you up to 12 weeks to experience everything the job has to offer.

Expand Your Knowledge: A temporary-to-permanent position is a great opportunity to learn another line of business, acquire a new set of skills or absorb information that could be useful in the future.

Boost Your Resume Experience: If you have minimal work experience, a temporary-to-permanent position is perfect for beefing up your resume. Although the position may not be your ideal career, you can include newly acquired skills on your resume that may help you snag your dream job.

Pursue a Variety of Careers: If you are uncertain of your career path, a temporary-to-permanent position allows you to dabble in a variety of fields in order to find the perfect fit.

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