All hands on deck for Lake County storm cleanup

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WILDWOOD, Ill. -- Across Lake County Tuesday, it was all hands on deck as neighbors helped neighbors clean up.

City and county crews removed fallen tees and downed power lines. But there still much work to do in hard-hit Wildwood, Ill., after Sunday's EF1 tornado with 100 mile per hour winds carved through a 7-and a-half mile area.

An army of contractors also offered clean up and repair services. Removal of a 30-foot tree can cost about $2,000. Residents told WGN the contractors are relentless. To save people cash, volunteers are going door to door offering to lend a hand.

In Grayslake, Ill., about 5,000 homes lost power, but Commonwealth Edison expects to have everyone's power restored Tuesday night.

Grayslake High School took a direct hit. Parts of its roof crashed into the house of a teacher who lives nearby.  Even though it could take a while to repair the roof, officials still expect to start the school year on time.

After Tuesday's work is done, the communities will come together at night; the Wildwood Park District is having a night out with food and entertainment for the people who show up.