Gary community shows unity in fight against crime, violence

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GARY, Ind. – Across the country, communities celebrated Nation Night Out Tuesday.

38 million people from 16,000 different communities participate alongside police in barbeques and block parties to help in the fight against crime.

In communities like Gary, Indiana, which has seen a disturbing spike in homicides lately, the night was of particular significance.

Gary has had five killings in one week and four of them in the last two days.  Two of those were within minutes of each other Monday night.

On Sunday, the murder of 15-year-old Daja Brookshire, a high school track star, was  shot and killed while getting out of a car at her grandmother’s house a few blocks from the Gary police department.

The murder tally so far this yearis 34 and is up 57 percent from 2014.

Gary’s mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and the Lake County Indiana Sheriff attended the event Tuesday night.

Utility giant NIPSCO also showed coporate support to the community with a $70,000 check to help fund a peacekeeping project called, “Gary For Life.”

The Lake County Indiana sheriff’s office is sharing resources with Gary police as they investigate the latest series of murders.  The city of Gary also announced today it’s removing the cap on officer’s overtime and plans to find more money in the budget to pay its first responders by the end of the week.