PHOTOS: Lincoln Park Zoo’s ‘beloved’ tiger Molly dies at 18

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CHICAGO — Lincoln Park Zoo’s 18-year-old tiger Molly died Wednesday after zookeepers made the “difficult but humane” decision to euthanize the Amur tiger due to her deteriorating health and quality of life, zoo officials announced Friday.

Molly was born in the Lincoln Park Zoo on Nov. 16, 1997, and was considered “geriatric” since the life expectancy for females of her species is around 14 years, according to the zoo.

“Despite her age, Molly would frequently roam her habitat and powerfully vocalize, much to the enjoyment of both staff and guests,” said General Curator Dave Bernier in a statement.

The zoo said Molly had exhibited increasing evidence of age-related discomfort and illnesses, and recently her quality of life “rapidly deteriorated” due to her age.