Bond granted for suburban mother serving sentence for killing disabled daughter

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SCHAUMBURG, Ill – A suburban mother who was convicted of killing her severely disabled daughter will be released from prison.

An appeals court allowed Bonnie Liltz to go free on bond while she appeals her conviction.

Liltz’s attorney Thomas Glasgow says that since she reported to prison her health has declined.  He described her as ashen gray and weighing no more than 85 pounds.

In an appeal, he asked that she be released to better deal with medical issues.

Today, that attorney received the court order setting a 5,000 dollar bond.

Liltz was convicted of killing her 28-year-old disabled daughter last year in a failed murder-suicide attempt.  It was described in court as “an act of love.”

Liltz, 56-year-old single mother and two-time ovarian cancer survivor cared for her adopted daughter Courtney.

Courtney suffered from cerebral palsy, and when Liltz’s health began to fail, she believed her best option was to kill her daughter and herself, so that Courtney wouldn’t be institutionalized.

Liltz gave Courtney a fatal dose of medication, and then took it herself.

Her daughter died, but she recovered.

Liltz pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of involuntary manslaughter.

In court even the prosecutors asked a judge to give her probation, rather than prison time, but a Cook County judge sentenced her to four years.

It's highly unusual for an appellate court to set bond for a person who has already been convicted and is serving a sentence in prison.

“In 20 plus years that I’ve been practicing law, I have never  seen, either as a prosecutor or as a defense attorney, an appellate bond be granted,” Glasgow said.

Liltz’s family is said to be traveling to the prison in Lincoln Illinois, about three hours south of Chicago, to post her bond.  Liltz will be released shortly after that.