FBI warns of Illinois election-system hacks

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The FBI is warning state officials to boost their election security in light of evidence that hackers breached related data systems in two states including Illinois.

The warning comes after hackers broke into Illinois’ election database.

U.S. intelligence officials are concerned foreign hackers might try to disrupt the November elections.

Officials say the personal information from fewer than 200,000 voters who registered online was hacked in June and didn’t stop for a month.

The state Board of Elections general counsel tells the Chicago Tribune that no files were erased or modified and no voting history or signatures were captured.  Although it’s possible the driver’s license numbers and last four digits of people’s social security numbers were accessed.

Those voters who registered through a registrar don’t have to worry.

The state of Arizona’s system was also hacked but to a lesser degree.  The state’s system isn’t linked to city or county government elections departments.  The online system was shut down for at least two weeks in July.

This summer the Democratic National Committee was also hacked.

The White House is aware of the breach and says Homeland security is taking the lead to make sure the election November 8th goes smoothly.