Teacher takes his students into space – without leaving their desks

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CHICAGO -- Our Teacher of the Month is an outer space enthusiast who takes his students to the moon without them ever leaving their seats. They gaze among the stars with stops by, among other places, Jupiter and Mars.

"My favorite thing is being excited and seeing their eyes light up over some fact they didn't know about the solar system. They say ‘Really?’ and I feed off of that,” said Tyler Michie, who teaches Astronomy and Earth Science at Northwest Suburban Hoffman Estates High School.

Outside the classroom, Mr. Michie helps promote school spirit as a sponsor of the school’s Blue Crew. And he works with the Gay Straight Alliance, a club that provides a safe and encouraging space for all students.

For a job well done, Michie received a thousand dollar check from Saint Xavier University and applause from his students that he is not likely to forget anytime soon nor will HE be forgotten.

"He is the first teacher that I've had where I have actually wanted to get up in the morning and go to his class," said student Hannah Janovsky. "He is just one of those kind of teachers you don't forget."


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