Mobile food trucks bring fresh produce to underserved neighborhoods

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CHICAGO -- Fresh Moves Mobile used to be an old CTA bus, but now is full of fresh, locally grown produce and will be driving around to the South and West sides, selling it to residents who might not have access to food like this.

A non-profit group called Growing Power started this initiative in 2015 and this past summer drove one bus around selling this produce in underserved communities.

Now, the River North based company Sweet Greens donated $40,000 to convert another old CTA.

They sell the produce at standard rates you'd find in a grocery store, but give discounts for food stamp recipients.

All the fruits and veggies are grown in more than a dozen urban farms in Chicago.

During the peak growing season they expect to sell about four tons of produce per month.

With the second bus, they plan to increase the number of stops and people they serve.

Today the bus will be in front of the Howard Brown Health Center in Englewood until 2 p.m.

Down the road, the organizers would like to add health screenings so neighbors can get a checkup at the same time they do their shopping.

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