Man hit by off-duty cop at Portillo’s files police brutality lawsuit

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CHICAGO -- A man who says he was beaten by an off-duty Chicago police officer working as a restaurant security guard has filed a lawsuit.

The suit alleges not just police brutality, but also an alleged police cover-up of the incident.

The lawsuit surrounds a visit on June 15, 2016 to the Portillo's restaurant at 100 West Ontario Street.

Terrence Clarke says he and his family were abruptly ordered to leave by an off-duty Chicago police officer because it was closing time.

Clarke alleges that off-duty police officer Khaled Shaar, working security at Portillo's that night, used unnecessary and excessive force, punching Clarke and arresting him.

The altercation was apparently sparked by words exchanged between the two men.

Clarke says that when he and his family were initially told to leave, Clarke told Shaar that they would leave once they finished their meals.

According to the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court today, Shaar was allegedly enraged that Clarke would not immediately leave.

Clarke says the injuries that he suffered during the beating required hospitalization.

In a written statement, Chicago police say Shaar has been pulled from street duty pending the results of an investigation.

There is no word yet from Portillo's, which is also named in the lawsuit.

We are also waiting to hear from the city as well.

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