Bill Murray and Obama talk Cubs during Oval Office putting contest

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WASHINGTON — Bill Murray took his Cubs fandom into a whole new center of power beyond Wrigley Field – the Oval Office.

In a video posted Sunday, Murray and President Obama banter about the Cubs (and healthcare) during a putting contest in the Oval Office.

“Generally I don’t let Cubs fans into the oval office,” Obama jokes with Murray.

“It’s probably not a coincidence that your popularity is at an all-time high, so I would just stick with this if I were you, I would just ride this baby” Murray said, indicating the Cubs patch on his fleece.

“It’s not going to happen,” Obama replies.

“It’s going to happen long before you make this putt-” Murray said, before sinking one himself.

It seems Obama must not have spent much time putting golf balls into glass cups during his eight years as president, because Murray was the clear winner in this contest.