Elderly suburban woman scammed out of savings

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DES PLAINES, Ill. –  An elderly suburban woman was scammed out of her savings and now she and her family want to warn others before it happens again.

Like many seniors, 91-year-old Josephine Honeman is on a fixed income.

Back in April , the 91-year-old got a phone call from a man who said he was with the company American Family Publishers.  The man said Josephine had won a 22.5 million dollar prize and a new car.  But first she had to send in money.

“He said if you pay the tax now, you will get the bulk of your money without taxes taken out,” Josephine said. “I said this sounds too good to be true.”

But Josephine says the man was very convincing. So she kept sending money through bank transfers and money grams.

There were about ten separate transactions totaling over $30,000.

She didn't tell her family until last week.

“She's so sharp I would never think she would fall for this” Josephine’s granddaughter Meghan Muggleton said.  “But something convinced her this was real and now this is where we are.”

They've met with Bank of America, but so far, things aren't looking good.

“I was told that once the money leaves our account there's no way to prove where it went,” Meghan said.

Josephine and her family want to warn other seniors to beware, so they don't fall victim to the same scam.

Josephine's granddaughter has set up a GoFundMe page to help regain some of these losses.