Break-ins cost baker more dough than she can spare

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CHICAGO -- A South Side bakery was broken into for the third time in a year early Monday morning, and although the thief left empty-handed this time, the owner is asking for help identifying the sticky-fingered robbers who keep making off with sweets and cash.

People line up to grab a slice or even a whole cake at Brown Sugar Bakery on 75th street. But the sweet serenity was shattered early Monday morning when a thief took a hammer to the bakery’s front window, stepped inside, walked around the counter and yanked out the cash register. He was in and out in 35 seconds.

"I don’t understand why somebody would be willing to take a risk, for what? I mean at the end of the day it is cake, it’s not diamonds or cash, it’s not a bank," said owner Stephanie Hart.

Hart said there was no money in the register, but the break-ins are costing her a whole lot more in repairs.

"It was so cold outside that after breaking the window, then our pipes broke because it got so cold in here," she said.

Hart said it was the third time in a year that her bakery has been broken into. The first time was a year ago this month. All they took that time was cake.

Then again in May, someone came in through the back door, but left empty-handed. So Hart installed video equipment, and so she was able to capture the latest break-in on video. She doesn’t recognize the guy, but he apparently knew exactly where the cash register was sitting.

Hart said there's no way she's going to leave the neighborhood, but said she will have to install rolling shutters, even though she was hoping to avoid it so the store would feel more open to the community. She's asking anyone who watches the surveillance video to try and identify the would-be thief from the latest break-in.

Police said no suspects are in custody, and it's unclear if it's the same person that keeps breaking in.

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