Church suprises day care worker injured during shooting

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CALUMET CITY, Ill. – A daycare worker injured during a shooting was surprised by a church on Christmas to help make her life a little easier.

Sheena Gibson was hurt when a stray bullet came flying through a window at the Calumet City daycare where she works last week.  An argument among two or three men at a nearby convenience store sent shots flying.

Dozens of children were inside that daycare at the time.

Gibson was preparing to leave for the day, but stopped to help a child find their coat, when debris and glass from the window, penetrated her ear.

“God covered me and it didn’t hurt,”  Gibson said.

Gibson says she’s fortunate the actual bullet missed her.

And on this Christmas morning, she visited Kingdom Builders Church at the request of the pastor.

Pastor Renaldo Kyle  presented Gibson with a $200 check from the church, a basket full of household items, a new Coach purse and $100 gift certificate from ComEd.

Kyles is also offering a $500 reward leading to the arrest of the person who fired that bullet.

“We will not stand for violence in our community and our city,” he said.

Gibson says she plans to go back to work, but she just needs some time to work through this very emotional and frightening ordeal.

Calumet City police are still looking for the shooter behind this incident.