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Hundreds of crosses create powerful image of Chicago’s gun violence problem

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AURORA, Ill. -- A striking vigil constructed in the suburbs is drawing attention to the victims of gun violence in Chicago.crosses3

Greg Zanis , of Aurora, built a cross for every person gunned down on the city's streets this year.  Each row represents a month in 2016 and each cross represents a homicide victim in Chicago. There are more than 750.

Each cross with a heart and many have a photograph of the victim.

crossZanis has traveled all over the country after national tragedies like the movie theatre shooting in Colorado and the nightclub massacre in Orlando. He creates memorials for the victims.

This time, he received a donation of wood and decided to mark the deaths of every Chicago homicide victim in 2016.

“This shows that we care. That's all,” he said.

Zanis has been working around the clock for the past month with help from some volunteers.crosses2

The display is outside Aurora's Restoration Church.

The crosses will be brought to Chicago Saturday. Father Michael Pfleger will lead a walk from The Tribune Tower to the Water Tower with participants carrying the crosses down Michigan Ave.