Police officers credited with saving man’s life

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CHICAGO – A trio of Chicago police officers say they were in the right place at the right time and were able to help save a man’s life.

Officers Cyrus Martinez, Jason Cloherty, and Tom Sikorski work on a tactical team in the 25th District. Yesterday afternoon they were in the 3800 block of North Ave in Humboldt Park. They were headed back to the station when they saw a small crowd gathering a man lying on his back in the street.

“When we first walked up, people were saying he's asthmatic,” Officer Cloherty said. “We weren't getting any vitals.”

The officers immediately started chest compressions.

An ambulance quickly arrived and paramedics took over.

And the officers continued to the station.

The man who looked to be in his 50s, was taken to Norwegian American hospital in critical condition.

His condition has since stabilized and the officers visited him today.

“He told us his chest was hurting from compressions but otherwise he was in good condition,” said Officer Martinez. “He looked like a different person.”

The man and his wife thanked these officers who didn't hesitate to help.

The officers say they did what any other officer would do and it was nice to see the result of their work.