New Illinois bike law that gives bicyclists same rights as drivers takes effect

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CHICAGO — If you’re a bike rider, there’s a new Illinois law that benefits you.

The new measure amends the state vehicle code, by giving cyclists the same right-of-way automobile drivers enjoy.

In essence, it says bikes are vehicles, too.

The bill is called Dennis’ Law. It was named after Dennis Jurs, who was hit and killed by a driver in Hampshire.

Nearly 200 new laws took effect Sunday in Illinois.

Illinois becomes the first state in the nation that will train hairstylists to recognize when their clients are domestic or sexual abuse victims.

They don’t have to report what their clients tell them, but they’ll be able to alert their clients to resources for abused spouses or partners.

Synthetic bath salts are now banned in Illinois.

Possession could mean five years in prison and $150,000 in fines.

Jails will have to accept cash, not just credit cards, when someone wants to post bail.

Driver’s ed students will be taught how to behave, when a police officer pulls them over.

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