The day Derrick Rose decided to disappear

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CHICAGO - At first fans didn't know whether to be angry or generally concerned.

As the Knicks tipped off with the Pelicans at Madison Square Garden on Monday night, Derrick Rose was nowhere to be found.

He wasn't at the arena and he didn't tell the Knicks where he was going. The former Bulls guard was officially AWOL.

Eventually the team got ahold of Rose, who had returned to Chicago to be with his family for one night. He flew back New York and took part in the team's practice in New York on Tuesday.

Rose said he had to be with his family but didn't get into details. Meanwhile the Knicks do plan to fine Rose but will not suspend him.

This made for an interesting conversation on Sports Feed as Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman discussed the guard's actions on Monday night.

Watch that discussion in the video above.